Setting up your Shop Page

Let's get started by creating your main Shop Page.  This is where your product listings will live and your visitor will see the wonderful products you've created on your website.

  1. Navigate over to Pages from the backend of WordPress and click the Add New button:
  2. Next, give your page a name. Something like "Shop" will work but you can name it whatever you like:
  3. Depending on your theme and how it handles your page layouts you'll want to add the Main Shop Listing Shortcode to this page.  We've made the process easy for you by creating custom blocks using WordPress' Gutenberg editor. 
  4. Click the plus sign to add a block, scroll to Etsy360 and expand the section.  Click on  Main Shop Listings.
  5. Using the WordPress' Gutenberg editor, your page should look like this:
  6. Finally, click the Update or Publish button.
  7. Next, navigate over to Etsy360 from the WordPress backend.  And under Shop Settings select the Shop page we just created.
  8. Now, scroll down the page and click the Save Changes button.  You're all done and should be able to preview that page successfully!
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